Monday, October 23, 2017

Halloween Candy Sweet Swap!!


HALLOWEEN SEASON MEANS it’s time for our Sweet Swap! Do your kids bring home more candy from trick-or-treating than you want them to eat? Do they only eat a few of their favorite pieces and leave the rest to go stale? Whatever the reason for the excess candy stash at your house, we’re giving you a way to trade it for something that doesn’t cause tooth decay! 

Don’t Let Candy Turn Into Cavities!

The health of your children’s teeth is always one of our top priorities, and that’s even truer around Halloween. This is why we’re hosting an event to help your family get something out of all that candy—besides sugar-highs, toothaches, and upset stomachs.
The event in question is our “Sweet Swap,” where we give your children a chance to swap out their extra candy for sweet prizes!

When Is Our Sweet Swap?


Start turning in your extra candy today until November 16th!
Trunk or Treats have already begun so you are able to get that unwanted candy out of your house as soon as possible!


How Does Our Sweet Swap Work?

Bring your candy in and we will give  our patients points on the computer (Century Points) which will add to the total points they are collecting. Not only will our patients be rewarded for trading in your sweets, but you can be entered for sharing fun pictures on social media as well!

Participating Is Easy!

Step 1: Take a picture with a fun social sign to show you’ll be swapping your extra sweets for fun prizes.
Step 2: Post the photo to Facebook, and tag our practice location.
Step 3: Receive a raffle entry to win a prize!

We Hope You’ll Bring Your Friends Too!

Our Sweet Swap is not exclusive to our patients! If you have any friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers you think might be looking to get rid of extra Halloween candy too, invite them to attend and join in all the fun!

Check out our Facebook page for more Sweet Swap information and updates!



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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How Much Do You Wear Your Rubberbands???

Everyday our patients come in, we ask, "How are your rubberbands doing?"  "Great"our patients respond.

If we ask, so how much are you wearing your elastics? Then we start getting some crazy answers that we aren't always sure how much that actually is.

It is really hard to get a straight answer.  This is how we judge the amount of time our patients are wearing them.

When patients say they are "trying" to wear them, Dr. Waxler response with a phrase from Yoda, "there is no try, there is do and not do"

The best way to figure out how much time they are wearing them is to ask when do they take the elastics out. That's the best way so far.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Staff Photos 2015

Here are the Beginning to our Century Staff Photo shoot we are missing a few staff members but that's ok they had other fun things going on today.  Shannon had her baby April 30th. Vicky is on Vacation so we will just have to take pictures of them when they get back!  I included photos of the 3 new babies that made it into the world this year from our office! 

Angi, Heather, and Shannon all had babies in 2015!