Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Helmets and Mouth Guards

Sports safety is a very important thing to think about when getting involved with any sport. In the past it was seen as un-cool to wear a helmet when riding a bike. In some cities in the US laws are passed to enforce the importance of wearing one for your safety. By spending $20 on a bike helmet, you could not only save yourself from a concussion but also your life. Helmets keep players alive and prevent 1 head injury every four minutes. A face guard is attached to the helmet completely covering the face. This makes players 35% less likely to have a facial injury.
When playing any sports where the player could get hit in the mouth, a mouth guard is needed. People don’t realize that by wearing a mouth guard this decreases the odds of injury to your lips, teeth, and even your brain. When protective mouth wear is being worn correctly, it can decrease the chance of getting a concussion. Mouth guards can range anywhere from $5-$150, but rehabilitation costs for a single tooth knocked out can surpass the price of a custom made mouth guard by 20 times. Most of the sports related injuries happen at practice. So that means not only do you have to wear a mouth guard and helmet during the games but also at practice. In orthodontics we have lots of teens who play a wide variety of sports and extra activities. Some of the most dangerous sports are not ones that you would think would be dangerous. Cheerleading and gymnastics as well as horseback riding are all activities where we have seen a lot of broken brackets and mouth injuries. We see a lot of these injuries because people don’t see them as dangerous and don’t take the precautions that they would for football or hockey. This year alone 5 million teeth will be knocked out while people are playing sports. We at Century Orthodontics hope that you do not become part of that statistic.