Tuesday, March 06, 2012

How to clean My RETAINERS

Cleaning traditional retainers is very easy. 

           When you are brushing your teeth, take your tooth brush and brush your retainer.  For a more “deep” clean you may use a denture cleaner or Retainer Brite.  This allows bubbles to clean particles away from your retainer.  Follow the instructions on the box.  If you have metal wires on your retainer, don’t leave your retainer in the cleaner for extended times because this can weaken the wires.

Cleaning Essix retainers or Invisalign type retainers can be very easy also. 

               Clean your aligner prior to each insertion.  First use a liquid soap to make a lather in your hand and place the aligner in hand.  Then scrub aligner with hands.  For a more accurate clean you may use a cue tip. We ask you to use a mild liquid soap. This liquid soap may be anti-bacterial if you wish.  Some patients prefer liquid soaps that are scented.  Do NOT use mouth wash.  The coloring can stain your aligners and make them more visible. Toothpaste can be abrasive to the plastic in your aligners. The scratches can collect bacteria causing discoloration and an odor.

“Oops I dropped my retainer in the trash!”

Going into the trash can be the worst scenario for a retainer.  Even if the retainer is found, many patients don’t want to put the retainer back in their mouth.  The best way to really clean your retainer is to brush it with an old toothbrush and get rid of any particles.  Then you can dip the retainer in peroxide or rubbing alcohol.

 If you want, you may bring it into us, and we will clean it for you.   

REMEMBER: if you lose your retainer or break it there may be a charge.