Monday, November 26, 2012

RubberBand Reminder App

Do you want to get out of
your braces faster?
If yes, this is the app for you!
Rubber Band Reminder will send you alerts
to remind you to wear your rubber bands.

RubberBand Reminder
Will track you progress and display a graph
and a letter grade that you can show to your parents, friends or your orthodontist.
Do yourself a favor & Download
RubberBand Reminder NOW!

In addition, it has a setting called
That will ask you through out the day whether or not you are wearing your rubberbands. You simply answer “Yes or No”.

If you wear your rubberbands consistently you will get out of braces faster and that decreases cavities, scarring, bad breath and gum disease.

This shows your progress 

RubberBand Reminder App

This app is compatible with:
iphone, ipod touch,
ipad, & Android.
This app is available for around $2.00.

Patients who are struggling to remember to put their rubberbands in after lunch this app is great for you.  Patients that show that they have been doing better with their rubberbands with this app will receive an extra coin when they show the doctor or assistant their progress graph.  Patients will also be able to keep track of their appointments and know how long until their next appointment.  This will help keep them on track so that they don’t miss appointments and slow down treatment.  This app is great for the kids and adults who have a hard time with their bands. 


Alarm Challenger
This app sets alarms to go off when rubberbands are suppose to be replaced. This takes the guess work out of your rubberbands wear.

Sleeper Mode
This will allow you not to be challenged while you are sleeping or during the school day.

We ask that patients download at the chair side.
(Just like our patients forget to wear their bands, they will forget to download the app when they get home)
******This is a pay app so we ask for parent permission before you buy.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Checklist Before Leaving the Orthodontist

Got my Braces on! What's Next?

Checklist For Every Appointment

There are routine steps that we ask you to take prior to leaving the office.  These steps will minimize discomfort related to irritation from the braces and ensure an optimal response to treatment.  Please make these steps a part of each office visit prior to leaving:

  • Using your finger and tongue, check that wire ends do not extend into areas that could poke or pinch the cheek or tongue.
  • Make sure you understand what you are to do until your next appointment.  This could include wearing headgear or elastic rubber bands as instructed, activating an expander or following specific hygiene or diet instructions.
  • Make sure you have an adequate supply of orthodontic wax, special cleaning aids, rubber bands or other related materials that you may need between appointments.
  • Always schedule your next appointment before leaving the office.  Waiting 1-2 weeks after an appointment to schedule your next office visit complicates the scheduling process.  Waiting too long often means we will not have the appointment time that you would like.  Postponing appointments is a common contributor to extending treatment.
  • Make sure that your questions about treatment are answered.  Treatment goes better when everyone understands the treatment process.  We encourage parents to accompany their children to their appointments, allowing us the opportunity to update you on the treatment process.
Parents should always feel welcome to come back to the clinical area.  If you have any questions about your child's progress please ask.  Questions such as: "How much longer will my child be in braces?" will be much easier to answer if you are present when the doctor is checking your child's braces.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Why See the Dentist while in Braces

Importance of Regular Dental Check Ups

Orthodontic treatment should be a cooperative effort between the orthodontist, the patient and the family dentist.  Although we will advise you of any obvious dental decay, we as orthodontic professionals do not give our patients a dental examination for decay or gum problems. Your family dentist takes special cavity detecting x-rays and gives you your regular cleaning and fluoride treatments.  These services are the responsibility of your regular dentist, and we expect all patients to maintain their regular office visits with their dentist.  To facilitate these visits, patients in "braces" may come in to our office before going to the dentist to have the wires removed and replaced after their cleaning.  Please CALL us so we may coordinate these wires out /wires in visits with your scheduled visit date and your dental check up.

Monday, November 12, 2012

How Do I Take Care of My Braces

Fixed Appliance Care
       We are glad to be working with you to create a great smile!  We need your cooperation to make youe treatment as pleasant as possible.  The following instructions should help you care for your appliances and your oral health while under going orthodontics treatment.

Initial Soreness:
        Ibprofen, or what you would normally take for a headache, may be taken as needed for discomfort.  It is best to keep ahead of the pain by taking the medication early and for 2-3 days after the appliance is placed and also for major adjustments.

        Wax may be used to cover brackets, bands, wires or any sharp areas.  A pea-sized ball pressed onto the area will relieve the sharpness.  Remove the wax before brushing and if you find it helpful to keep it on while eating, try not to swallow it!  Unusually sharp spots may require adjustments at our office.  Please call us for any questions regarding this.

       A mouth rinse of 1tsp. salt to 1 cup warm water maybe used yo help heal cuts or scrapes in your mouth.

Conscientious Oral Health:
          Brush teeth at least twice a day with a soft bristled or an electric tooth brush.  You will need to angle the bristles to remove all the plaque and food from your teeth.  You will need to angle your bristles above the brackets, on top of the brackets and wire and under the brackets.  Make sure to apply enough press so the bristles touch your teeth.  Often times it is necessary to pull your lips and cheeks back (especially the lower lip) to get at the area between the gums and braces.  Check your teeth when you finish brushing.  Your teeth, braces and wires should shine.  Gums should be pink and firm.  If they are not, you haven't brush adequately.

          Floss daily.  Use a floss threader or super floss to ease the process.  Use a proxy brush (the "Christmas tree" shaped brush) to clean under and around wires as well as between teeth.

         After your evening brushing and flossing, rinse with a half a cap full (1tsp) of fluoride rinse.  Swish in mouth for 60 seconds and spit it out. (DO NOT SWALLOW)  Bedtime is a good time to do this so the fluoride can work while you are sleeping.

Signs of Improper Oral Hygiene:
  • Red, Puffy gum tissue that bleeds easily during brushing or flossing.  This doesn't mean to stop brushing and flossing!  When the gums heal up the bleeding will stop.
  • Presence of plaque (Sticky film on braces and teeth)
  • Bad Breathe
  • Decalcification (white marks on the teeth)
  • All these problems are preventable with good oral hygiene.
Breakage Instructions:
  • Check your braces daily for any loose or broken bands, brackets or wires and call the office if you need a repair.
  • Breakage can cause undesirable tooth movement that will prolong treatment time so please be careful.  Damage to the teeth and soft tissue is also possible if broken appliances are not repaired.
  • Wax may be used to cover anything sharp or to hold things in place until you can get into the office to get them fixed.
  • Remember if you have a broken bracket this could extend your orthodontic treatment.
Mouth and Lip guards:
  • We offer generic mouth guards for active sports. Please let us know if you need one.
  • We offer lip guards for patients who play certain musical instruments or who are in gymnastics or "Cheering" Poms.
  • When you are finished with your fixed appliances, we also offer custom made mouth guards for patients who play sports and would like a guard that will also help keep their teeth straight.
Modified Eating Habits:
  • Please do not chew anything HARD, such as ice cubes, hard candy, pens or pencils, and fingernails.
  • Please do not chew anything STICKY, such as taffy, caramel, gummy bears, bubble gum etc. (sugarless gum is okay and even encouraged)
  • Please do not bite into anything tough with your front teeth, such as apples, corn on the cob, bagels, and meat that is on a bone. (cut these things into pieces small enough to eat with a fork daintily)
  • Please LIMIT amounts of carbonated drinks (soda), flavored water (propel), sports drinks (Gatorade), energy drinks (Red Bull) or juice.  Basically anything besides water.  If you drink these drinks, try to drink them with a meal and always remember to brush or at least rinse with water afterwards.
  • Nothing STICKY, CRUNCHY, HARD or CHEWY!!!!!    All of these thing have a higher opportunity to weaken loosen or break brackets.  These loose or broken brackets could lengthen your treatment time, so it's up to you