Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Text Reminded Rubber Bands

We are in the first stages in beta testing a new way to get kids to wear their rubber bands.  Most teens, young adults and adults have their cell phones attached to their hip. Which means if their phone would remind them to put their rubber bands in they would not be able to say that they forgot them.

 Rubber bands are an important step in correcting your teeth's alignment.  To move teeth with rubber bands you need a slow continuous force.  When moving teeth with rubber bands it is the patient's responsibility to remember to put them in and wear them.  If a patient forgets to wear them it slows the process and can even double the time in braces.  When wearing elastic bands full time this means 20-23 hrs of the day with them in  the correct place.

The time that most patients forget them is after lunch until after dinner this means that the patient can lose anywhere from 1-6 hours of wear.  The best way to solve this problem is to have someone or something remind them that elastics wear is important and that they should have their bands in.

If you would like to help us test this new Rubber band reminder it is very simple all you have to do is text

@gotbands to (832) 900-4027. 

or if you would prefer email 
just email gotbands.mail.remind101.com

This will send you 3-4 text messages a day reminding you to put your bands in.  It can also tell you about upcoming events that are going on in out office and contests.

If you have any questions about this please email tara@centuryorthodontics.com

Friday, January 25, 2013

Why do I need Braces?

Why do I need braces?

Many of our patients come to us after seeing their dentist and they ask "why do I need braces?"  The answer to this question has many different answers.  Some reasons are obvious, you have crooked teeth, you don't like your smile or it hurts to bite but that isn't always the case with every patient.  Each patient is different and has different concerns with their teeth.  Only your orthodontist can tell you personally why you need braces.

Some of the purposes for having braces on teeth are:

  • Straightening teeth- To align the teeth in an arch pattern so that it is easier to clean and chew. A bad        bite will have a negative impact on chewing, head and neck aches, as well as speech.
  • Correcting Bites- Malocclusion are "Bad Bites," and have different terms to group them according to the bite alignment. 
  • Cosmetic- These changes to your teeth will have no change in the functionality of your teeth but will enhance your smile.  Orthodontics for a cosmetic reason are to arrange the teeth in their correct place to obtain a "perfect" smile.
Reasons for straightening teeth:

  • Straightening ones teeth makes it easier to chew and digest food.  
  • Improvements to the roof of your mouth can help with breathing and reduce snoring.
  • Having a beautiful smile brings confidence to the owner and makes others smile around you.
Patient with Over-Jet & Over Bite Before


Severe Crowding Before


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Getting Blingy with It!

Silver and Bling
Some of our patients have been making our Century Orthodontic T-shirts more girly!  The girls have been putting anything from flowers to rhinestones. These girls are very talented.  If any of our patients would like to earn more coins they can decorate their T-shirt to fit their personality.  

Puff Paint

 Another patient took home an example invisalign  aligner and used it as a stamp and it turned out very cute.


Nice teeth
Here is our newest Century T-Shirt designer
Nice job Gracie!