Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How Much Do You Wear Your Rubberbands???

Everyday our patients come in, we ask, "How are your rubberbands doing?"  "Great"our patients respond.

If we ask, so how much are you wearing your elastics? Then we start getting some crazy answers that we aren't always sure how much that actually is.

It is really hard to get a straight answer.  This is how we judge the amount of time our patients are wearing them.

When patients say they are "trying" to wear them, Dr. Waxler response with a phrase from Yoda, "there is no try, there is do and not do"

The best way to figure out how much time they are wearing them is to ask when do they take the elastics out. That's the best way so far.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Staff Photos 2015

Here are the Beginning to our Century Staff Photo shoot we are missing a few staff members but that's ok they had other fun things going on today.  Shannon had her baby April 30th. Vicky is on Vacation so we will just have to take pictures of them when they get back!  I included photos of the 3 new babies that made it into the world this year from our office! 

Angi, Heather, and Shannon all had babies in 2015!








Monday, March 16, 2015

Faster Treatment with Propel Orthodontics

What is Propel?

Propel is a micro-invasive treatment that uses mirco-osteoperforations to stimulate the bone to remodel faster therefore "Excellerate" your tooth movement.

What does Propel do?

Propel is a way to have straight teeth faster.  This process straightens teeth in almost half the time it would normally take to treat any patient. This product excellerates treatment and allows picture-perfect selfies delivered ahead of schedule.

Did you know?

74% of adults have incorrect bites or crooked teeth.  It makes it hard to difficult to remove plaque and food debris from teeth. 

If left untreated, there is an increased risk for tooth decay. 

Micro-Osteoperforation with Propel is:

  • Clinically proven safe and effective
  • Doctor-performed in just a few minutes during your regularly scheduled office visit
  • Used with any form of tooth movement


  • Faster results without inconvenience.
  • Can be used with any from of tooth movement.
  • Procedure is done at regular office visit
  • Saves time with fewer visits
  • Not surgery and no recovery time

Friday, March 13, 2015

What is an Expander?

What is an Expander?

Expanders are used for certain conditions when the upper jaw or palate is narrow. Expandtion can be done before adulthood, the palate is actually two seprate bones connected down the middle by a non-bony suture.
Fixed Rapid Palatal Expander
Advantages of this technique include more room to align the teeth, a broader more esthetic smile, a more stable final result and sometimes even easier to breathing through your nose!
Relatively heavy forces applied quickly (to minimize orthodontic tooth movement) will cause the two palatal bones to separate.  After a period of time new bone fills in and preserves the increased width of upper jaw.

A typical expansion procedure involoves activation of the appliance once a day for about 3-4 weeks.  This is followed by 3-4 months of stabilization before the appliance is removed.

For most patients it is the size and bulkiness of the expander that make it the most uncomfortable. Soreness of teeth can be expected and, as the appliance expands the mid facial bones, some discomfort under the eyes and around the nose may occur.  A large space can be expected to open between the front, center teeth.  This is because one tooth goes with the right side the other goes with the left side, each is a seprate bone.  This movement stretches the gum tissue between the incisors; and over a period of a few months they will be pulled back together.  Fixed (glued in) appliances are almost always necessary to acheive an ideal alignment.

When expanding:

If you experience a GREAT deal of pain activating the appliance, you are unable to turn the screw, or if the appliance becomes loose we ask our patients to call our office and make an appointment IMMEDIATLEY!

If you are unable to make the observation appointment during the expansion phase DO NOT continue to expand past your appointment date.

The most important part: Might not be fun, but it is FAST!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Do you recycle braces?

Do you recycle braces?

Patients sometimes ask this question when they are getting ready to get their braces on.  The answer is NO.  When would NEVER put your braces/appliances on someone else.  Braces and appliances are unique to each patient and would not work on another patient.  The other reason we Never recycle braces and appliances is because it is unsanitary and we wouldn't want someone elses braces and neither would you.
We don't, however, throw them away.  We reuse them in the form of a mini sclupture that we give to our patients so they have a souveiner of their orthodontic experience.
Souveiner Appliance