Monday, December 02, 2013

Let the Games Begin

Century Orthodontics is starting some Social Media games
for our patients as well as a reason to read.

The first contest is a #hashtaggame to promote our Instagram and Twitter accounts.  This will help get our patients involved in what is going on in our office.  As well as a chance to win some great prizes.  Here is a picture of our #Hashtag Game:

The first #hashtag is #licensedtosmile.
Please follow us @centuryortho on your twitter and instagram accounts
The next contest is a Book Swap. 
We ask our patients to bring in unwanted books in good condition they will then receive a ticket.
They are then entered in a raffle to win a special summer prize.
(Barnes & Noble gift card & Panera Bread)
We give all of our patients the opportunity to take a book to read.

Our goal is for our patients to read so we say:
Please leave a book.
Take a book.
Read a book.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Candy is Bad for your Bite!

Halloween is one of the best times of the year but the worst time for your teeth and braces.  We ask our patients to refrain from eating sticky or chewy things when braces are on.  We encourage our patients to dress up go out and trick or treat.  We ask them to choose candy that will not break brackets, if they get a choice.  We ask that our patients eat a few pieces in at a time and then brush or rinse their teeth afterwards.  If patients receive candy that they can not eat or don't want to eat we allow our patients to bring in unwanted or hard & sticky candy.  We Swap them 1 coin per every pound that they bring in.  For every pound they get to fill out one raffle ticket for a chance to win one of three prizes.  We just ask our patients to bring candy in between November 4th and 7th.  (If you don't have an appointment please call first).  We will then use the candy to make gift bags for the military troops over seas.  Patients who bring in candy after November 7th may still get coins for turning in candy but won't be entered in the raffle.

Please Eat Responsible!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Camp Rainbow Walk- A -Thon

 Join Century Orthodontics in a Walk A Thon to support Camp Rainbow.
Location: Tilles Park Ladue, Missouri
 Registration: 8:00 am
Walk begins at 9am

Walk with us to celebrate Camp Rainbow & September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

1 -Mile Walk
2 -Mile Walk 

September 21st, 2013

Tilles Park
9551 Litzsinger Rd
Ladue, Missouri

The Camp Rainbow Foundation provides free camping experiences to children undergoing treatment for, and survivors of, cancer and blood related diseases and disorders.  They provide a recreational and nurturing environment where children can create positive memories.

Century Orthodontics' Staff will be walking if you would like to join us or sponsor Camp Rainbow please make checks payable to: Camp Rainbow Foundation
 Mail checks to:
Camp Rainbow Foundation
ATTN: Walk A Thon
13990 Olive Blvd; Suite 203-3
Chesterfield, MO 63017

If you can't join us but would like to make a donation you may drop a check off at any of our offices during business hours.
 For More information please visit Camp Rainbow's Website:
email them at:
or Call:


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Long Does it Take to Straighten Teeth?

How long does it take to straighten teeth?

This question is easiest answered by saying everyone has different problems with their teeth so everyone is different.  The average patient who has a traditional set of braces will take anywhere from 18-24 months to get the best result.  Patients will begin to see changes in there teeth as early as the first week.  Typically the teeth only take a few months to just straighten them into an arch shape, but there are usually other things that need to be corrected.

Which way is the fastest to straighten my teeth?
           Each person is different and each problem is different.  The best way to find out is to have a consultation with your orthodontist.  He can check the way your teeth fit together and give you some different ideas to decide which way you should go with finding the best way to straighten your teeth.

How to get your teenager to brush their teeth.

As many parents know it can be a struggle to get their preteen and teenagers to brush their teeth.  Not only is it bad for their teeth but it is also bad for their health.  Many people don't realize how expensive dental work can be.  They don't realize the importance in going to the dentist bi yearly for a cleaning and a check up.

They just think that can't happen to me.

I'm invincible!


They don't realize it only takes a few missed brushings to begin a mouth full of pain and put them on the path to gingivitis, cavities and loss of teeth.  People never think they are going to be the one with holes in their teeth or stains.

People don't realize that once you start to get cavities in your teeth,  the more likely you are to start getting more.  If you stay ahead of decay it will keep the cavities away!  People also don't realize that it doesn't matter how long you brush your teeth if you are doing it the wrong way.
Everyone needs to make sure to brush every part of the tooth and floss between the teeth and gums to remove all of the plaque and food particles.  The way a person angles their tooth brush is an important part of brushing.  It is also important to make sure you are brushing every tooth.  We find that people miss teeth without even realizing it.  They hold the toothbrush in a way were the bristles never hit the teeth.  

If all else fails you can always embaress them in front of their friends if they choose not to follow the rules.

Monday, April 08, 2013

St. Louis Home Opener 2013

All of our Century Orthodontic staff were excited today for our Cardinals!

We all dressed in red or Cardinals gear to show our support.  Pictures will follow later today as we take time from our busy work day to have a little fun and enjoy the Cardinals.  If any of our patients or friends are at the game today please share your photos by tagging us on your smile on facebook or sharing your photo on twitter using #centuryortho or @centuryortho!!  Can't wait to see your pictures!!!

Friday, April 05, 2013

Why Do Teeth Have Different Shapes?

Why do teeth have different shapes?

The reason we have different shaped teeth is because different teeth play different roles in food chewing process.  Each tooth does a different job.

There are 4 different types of teeth.

  • Incisors are for cutting 
  • Canines are for tearing 
  • Premolars & Molars help grind the food so that food is small enough to swallow

Thursday, April 04, 2013

How Many Teeth Do I Have?

How many teeth do Human Beings have?

People have two sets of teeth.  They have 20 deciduous "baby" teeth, (Sometimes also called milk teeth or primary teeth) and 32 permanent teeth. (also called adult teeth)

  Deciduous teeth can start poking through the gums as soon as 3 months to a year after birth. All of the "baby" teeth will arrive before the age of 3.  Humans begin to loose their first set of teeth at age 6.  The permanent teeth will begin to come in as the first set is lost.

As an adult you will have 32 permanent teeth.  They are called permanent because these teeth are supposed to last you the rest of your life with the proper care.  These teeth follow the first set.  As a baby tooth falls out a permanent tooth replaces it.  Some people are born with more teeth these are called supernumerary teeth.  Some people are born with less teeth.  The most commonly missing teeth are "wisdom" teeth.  These are the set of permanent teeth people get. Some people will have other missing teeth.  It is not uncommon to be missing permanent teeth.

Here is a diagram of all the teeth Humans have.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Whats going on at Century

Century Orthodontics has some new things that we are offering and doing different in our office.

We are promoting our Facebook page.  Why? Well we love to stay in touch with our patients.  We like to see whats going on in their lives.  It helps show off the great smiles that the kids and adults are receiving.  As you know smiles are contagious we would love to help more people smile.  The more smiles we can bring to the world means a better place for all of us.  So if you are not a friend of our staff page yet or haven't liked our business page please do so.

We will be offering great prizes this summer. We are trying to get 1000 likes but the end of the summer.  We need your help. Please help us reach this goal by sharing our link with your friends and family.  Starting April first we are launching our 1st Facebook only contest. Our Fans will have to like our page then pick the Staff members T-shirt who they like the best.  The staff member with the most likes will receive a Special Prize to the spa or dinner and the movies.  Everyone who voted for our staff members T-shirt will be entered to win an ipad mini.  ONLY if we get a 1000 likes.  So we are asking everyone and everyone that we ask to ask someone.

What other fun things are we doing?

We are changing the way we do contests in our office too.  We going to have more guessing contests. We will also have two photo challenge contests.  This Summer we are going to ask all of our patients to make their Century Orthodontic T-shirt fun.  They can design it anyway they want to.  We will take a picture and share it with all of our offices and on Facebook. July 28th will be the last day to share them for the August contest. Then In the month of August our patients will pick their Favorite T-shirt, Most Creative and Most Crazy.  The T-shirts with the most votes will get a Special Summer Prize that will be announced in August.

Faces without Braces

We will be asking all of our bracket removal patients if they would like to share their new smile with Facebook   We then take a special picture that can be shared on Facebook for friends and family to see.  We just ask that patients and parents sign a release so that only the patients that would like to have their picture on Facebook have them on Facebook.

New Brace Face.

Patients with their new tooth jewelry will also be asked if they would like to share their smile on Facebook   This is such a great way to share with your friends and family your new smile.  Patients love the chance to show off their new bling!  Most people don't realize that braces are some of the most expensive jewelry that most people will wear.  These brackets are beautiful and you may make them as colorful or camouflaged as you like.

Mother & Father's Day

Patients who schedule their appointments the week before Mother or Father's Day will receive a special gift to give to their parent or Motherly or Fatherly figures in their life.  We will also be taking pictures to share on Facebook with Parents and friends.

Please ask if you have questions about any of the new things that are going on.  If you haven't read our blog before please look at past blogs.  There are many interesting articles not only about how to take care of your teeth but also fun things that we do.  Don't forget to visit our Webpage

Saturday, March 09, 2013

How do I Clean my Toothbrush?

How To Keep Your Toothbrush Clean And Safe?
One reason we brush our teeth is to remove bacteria from your mouth so it is important to keep your toothbrush clean and free of germs. 

So how do I keep my toothbrush clean?

Here are some tips to help keep your toothbrush clean and healthy:

  • Keep your toothbrush covered when traveling and in a clean dry place at home.  When you are on vacation it is important to cover your toothbrush so it doesn't pick up dirt and grim from inside the suitcase or travel bag.  When you are at home it is important to keep your toothbrush covered but allowing it to dry out as well. (in a drawer or mirrored closet)  Don't leave it on a cup next to the sink in a bathroom.  Bathrooms have the most bacteria and germs.  Every time the toilet flushes bacteria is spread throughout the bathroom.   

  • Replace it when you’re sick. Even if you just bought a new toothbrush or changed the head on your rechargeable electric brush, it’s a good idea to replace it when you have recovered from an illness to avoid exposing yourself to more of the bacteria that your body has just defeated.  If you don't want to throw it out you can always put it in the dish washer.  This will sanitize your toothbrush to get rid of the germs you got when you were sick.

  • Keep you toothbrush away from little ones and pets.  Pets love to get a hold of your toothbrush and chew on them (they like clean teeth too.), hide them and put them in gross places.  Young children love to play with toothbrushes.  This can mean your toothbrush going to places you do not want your mouth to be (toilet, trash can, the dogs mouth or worse)

  • Rinse your brush. Make sure after you brush your teeth to always rinse throughly so that there is no toothpaste left  in the brisles.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Why are Braces like Trains

Trains and teeth and Orthodontics…

Here is another way to help you get done faster
 if you are supposed to wear elastic bands!

Think of your teeth as individual train boxcars….

Think of the arch wire (connecting
the individual teeth together) as the railroad track, guiding the movement of the boxcars

Finally, the train cannot move without an engine…nor can your teeth move without the power of your elastic bands.

Moral of this story…..If you’re not wearing your elastics, your orthodontic train is sitting on a siding in the middle of nowhere not getting anywhere. 

 Wear your elastics and get to your destination…. your braces off and a great smile!


So get moving!!!!

Monday, March 04, 2013

What is Decalcification?

The white marks sometimes found on teeth after orthodontics treatment

            There are two types of white discolorations that are found on teeth.  In one case there is a defect in the enamel formation when the tooth is being formed under the gums, causing internal white marks that can be found at any position on the tooth, even up around the biting edges.  Teeth just erupt this way and it is not a sign of decay, but they may not look very aesthetic.  Most of the time we do not know why this occurs although infections during early childhood may be a cause.

In the other case, the white marks are caused by acids that have begun to eat away the enamel of the tooth (decalcification).  This is the first stage of tooth decay.  As the enamel starts to dissolve it begins to appear white and chalky.  Eventually the enamel starts to turn brown or black and disintegrates.  At this time it is considered a “cavity”.

Typically these white marks are around the gum line where the patient has not done a good job of brushing and flossing.  As food particles collect in this area they are colonized by bacteria forming plaque.  The bacteria then eats the sugar and excrete acids which then eat away the enamel.  Any additional acids added to the mouth like citrus fruits, soft drinks, sports drinks, sour candy, etc. just make the situation even worse.  Of course sugary things just give the bacteria more to eat, so sugary acidic foods are doubly bad.  Some of the worst things are sports drinks and soft drinks.

          In the “old days” before orthodontist learned to “glue” the brackets directly to the tooth they used metal bands that were cemented around the tooth to which the brackets were welded.  Sometimes the cement would wash out from under a band, even though the band would stay around the tooth.  In those cases plaque would cause decalcification under the band that would not be discovered until the bands were removed and a white “belt” was seen across the middle of the tooth where the band was positioned.  Those were unfortunate discoveries that we just don’t see anymore.

So how do you prevent decalcification in patients with braces?

·       Brush or at lease rinse out your mouth after every meal or soft drink.
·       Make sure you do one GREAT brushing every day to remove all the plaque (it takes days for plaque to form to the point where it produces acid)
·       Avoid stick, sugary, acidic foods as much as possible.
·       Use the fluoride rinse we prescribe to lessen the risk of decay.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Facebook Challenge

Challenge: Get 1,000 "Likes" on Facebook by 

August 31st, 2013.

Our office staff needs your help!  We need to to visit our Facebook page and like our page.
After you like our page ask your friends family and peers to like our page too.
The more likes we get the better chance for us to get our name out there.  

Beginning in APRIL we are having a Facebook photo contest.  Our Staff members will design their own Century Orthodontic Tshirt.  Our patients then will have to like our page, then like which Century T-shirt that they like the best.  

IF we reach our goal of 1,000 by August 31st, 2013. The Staff member who's Tshirt got the most likes will win a Special Day at the Spa.  

For all of our new Facebook friends don't feel left out you will all be entered to win a special prize too.  IF we reach our Goal of 1,000 by Aug 31st, 2013.  You will win a Prize of an i-pad mini.

We want you to know that we are also making our Start and Removal photos Available to be viewed on Facebook too.  All that we ask is that the patients tell us they want to be on Facebook. 
You may also be able to play our office contests at home if you become our friend.  

If you would like a chance to receive deals at Century follow us on twitter. 
If you want to keep up on whats going on in the Orthodontic field please follow us on Twitter:
@centuryortho   #centuryortho    #Centurysmiles

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Skate Party Success!

The 2013 Skate Party went over very well!  We had over 180 skaters and parents and friends who came to enjoy their Saturday evening with us.

Just Skating Around
Our patients loved the prizes this year.
Ipad Mini

The T-shirts this year were designed with a Mardi Gras Alligator and, they were green with purple lettering.

Our staff handed out T-shirts and raffle tickets as patients and their friends walked into the Skate Port.

Not only did our patients have fun but so did our staff.
Shannon & her daughter Abby

Shannon & Megan

Lily (Angi's daughter) & Angi

Here are some more photos: