Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why does it matter if my bite is off?

Why does it matter if my bite is off?  My teeth are straight isn't that enough?

The way that your teeth fit together and bite down on one in other is very important to keeping your teeth straight and keeping the aesthetics of your teeth.

Many people think that braces only straighten teeth.  Orthodontists not only straighten your teeth but they correct your bite and can help change your profile and facial structure. They help adjust the teeth so that your teeth are in the most perfect position  for chewing, speaking, make it easier to keep your teeth clean and also to allow you to smile your best smile.  

What do they mean my bite?

The orthodontist evaluate the bite by looking at the placement between the upper and lower teeth when you open and close your mouth naturally.  What this allows him to diagnose what treatment will be best for your teeth.

If your bite is corrected it allows all of your teeth to be in the most stable position as possible.  It is important for patients to have their bite corrected as well to help keep the teeth straight.

Teeth are supposed to fit together like a zipper.  As they become straight, they don't always fit together this way.  It takes rubber bands, appliances and cooperation to adjust the bite.  When moving teeth cooperation is the key to keeping your perfect bite the way that it is supposed to be. 

What happens if I'm doing everything right and it still isn't changing?

Bite problems can be some of the most hard to change.  Patients are responsible for most of the changes that happen to the bite.  Some of these problems the patient has control of some of them are unconscious problems like tongue or lip habits.

If these problem bites are taking too long to fix, and the patient is or isn't cooperating, sometimes a patient will settle for what we call a "Hollywood Smile," which is Straight teeth with a not so perfect bite.  Patients who settle for this type of bite we encourage them to wear a retainer nightly for as long as they would like to keep their teeth straight.  These bites just aren't as stable. 

What will I need after I get my Braces?

Care Package

              Patients who are receiving braces or orthodontic appliances for the first time are going through a lot of uneasy feelings. 

They are thinking:  Is this going to HURT tonight?
                               What am I going to LOOK like?
                               Will I TALK funny?
                               What am I going to EAT?
                               Do I have to wear a MOUTHGAURD?

To ease your transition into the whole orthodontic experience,  we tell our patients that it will be a little achey, or tight like a new pair or jeans, but to take Ibuprofen.  We tell them to improve their speech to read a book out loud or sing in the car ride home.  Soft foods are the best for the first few days and Milkshakes and smoothies are GREAT, and mouth guards are a must when it comes to Sports.

Here are  a few things that will help you on your journey to straight teeth:

  • Ibuprofen
  • Books or Magazines- to read out loud and keep their minds off the appliances in their mouth
  • Smoothie King Gift Card
  • Jump Rope- To keep their mind off of their teeth hurting
  • Sugar-less Gum- For our braces patients that can not take medication to ease the pain
  • Favorite soft foods
  • Chap stick, Lip gloss or ESO - To prevent dry chapped lips
  • Wax- for if you get bumped in the mouth or get a sore from the braces rubbing

These will make your loved one feel so much better and comfort them in their time of need.  Remind them to Smile it makes the whole process go faster!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Invisalign Teen

                                                                   Invisalign Teen
What is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign has a product that helps cater to our teens and young adults.  It is designed just like Invisalign but has some extra features that appeal to teens and their parents.

Teens love that they do not have to have metal braces on their teeth.

Parents love that typically they can be the same price as traditional braces and they have a happy teenager.

Patients love that they can keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Everyone loves that they can smile without metal.

Patients love that they can Eat whatever they want and still straighten their teeth.