Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Long Does it Take to Straighten Teeth?

How long does it take to straighten teeth?

This question is easiest answered by saying everyone has different problems with their teeth so everyone is different.  The average patient who has a traditional set of braces will take anywhere from 18-24 months to get the best result.  Patients will begin to see changes in there teeth as early as the first week.  Typically the teeth only take a few months to just straighten them into an arch shape, but there are usually other things that need to be corrected.

Which way is the fastest to straighten my teeth?
           Each person is different and each problem is different.  The best way to find out is to have a consultation with your orthodontist.  He can check the way your teeth fit together and give you some different ideas to decide which way you should go with finding the best way to straighten your teeth.

How to get your teenager to brush their teeth.

As many parents know it can be a struggle to get their preteen and teenagers to brush their teeth.  Not only is it bad for their teeth but it is also bad for their health.  Many people don't realize how expensive dental work can be.  They don't realize the importance in going to the dentist bi yearly for a cleaning and a check up.

They just think that can't happen to me.

I'm invincible!


They don't realize it only takes a few missed brushings to begin a mouth full of pain and put them on the path to gingivitis, cavities and loss of teeth.  People never think they are going to be the one with holes in their teeth or stains.

People don't realize that once you start to get cavities in your teeth,  the more likely you are to start getting more.  If you stay ahead of decay it will keep the cavities away!  People also don't realize that it doesn't matter how long you brush your teeth if you are doing it the wrong way.
Everyone needs to make sure to brush every part of the tooth and floss between the teeth and gums to remove all of the plaque and food particles.  The way a person angles their tooth brush is an important part of brushing.  It is also important to make sure you are brushing every tooth.  We find that people miss teeth without even realizing it.  They hold the toothbrush in a way were the bristles never hit the teeth.  

If all else fails you can always embaress them in front of their friends if they choose not to follow the rules.

Monday, April 08, 2013

St. Louis Home Opener 2013

All of our Century Orthodontic staff were excited today for our Cardinals!

We all dressed in red or Cardinals gear to show our support.  Pictures will follow later today as we take time from our busy work day to have a little fun and enjoy the Cardinals.  If any of our patients or friends are at the game today please share your photos by tagging us on your smile on facebook or sharing your photo on twitter using #centuryortho or @centuryortho!!  Can't wait to see your pictures!!!

Friday, April 05, 2013

Why Do Teeth Have Different Shapes?

Why do teeth have different shapes?

The reason we have different shaped teeth is because different teeth play different roles in food chewing process.  Each tooth does a different job.

There are 4 different types of teeth.

  • Incisors are for cutting 
  • Canines are for tearing 
  • Premolars & Molars help grind the food so that food is small enough to swallow

Thursday, April 04, 2013

How Many Teeth Do I Have?

How many teeth do Human Beings have?

People have two sets of teeth.  They have 20 deciduous "baby" teeth, (Sometimes also called milk teeth or primary teeth) and 32 permanent teeth. (also called adult teeth)

  Deciduous teeth can start poking through the gums as soon as 3 months to a year after birth. All of the "baby" teeth will arrive before the age of 3.  Humans begin to loose their first set of teeth at age 6.  The permanent teeth will begin to come in as the first set is lost.

As an adult you will have 32 permanent teeth.  They are called permanent because these teeth are supposed to last you the rest of your life with the proper care.  These teeth follow the first set.  As a baby tooth falls out a permanent tooth replaces it.  Some people are born with more teeth these are called supernumerary teeth.  Some people are born with less teeth.  The most commonly missing teeth are "wisdom" teeth.  These are the set of permanent teeth people get. Some people will have other missing teeth.  It is not uncommon to be missing permanent teeth.

Here is a diagram of all the teeth Humans have.