Monday, April 16, 2012

Sports and Orthodontics

Many of our patients have questions about sports and orthodontics and these are some of them.

Should I wear my retainer while playing sports?
            No, you should not wear any removable appliance when playing sports or swimming.  Please bring your appliance or retainer with you to the sporting event.  Remember when playing sports that you could get bumped in the mouth to wear a mouth guard for the safety of your lips and teeth. Please view our blog on helmets & Mouth guards.

What is the best way to protect my teeth when I'm practicing?
           You should wear a mouth guard anytime that you think that you may get bumped in the mouth. This includes wearing a mouth guard during practices and games.  Even the sports that you wouldn't think about needing a mouth guard can be dangerous.  Remember any type of extreme sport, gymnastic exercise or even horseback riding could benefit from wearing a mouth guard.  I always tell my patients that it is their responsibility to wear something to protect their mouths.

I'm afraid I will lose my retainer when I am playing sports can I leave it in the car?
          You should never leave a retainer in the car.  Retainers are very sensitive to heat, and can distort even on a mild day.  Retainers and orthodontic appliances should be kept in a case when not in the mouth and that case should be kept somewhere that nothing will mess with it and will not be forgotten.  If you have your retainer case make sure it has your first and last name on the case in case you lose it.  Make sure you have your phone number or our phone number on the case so it can be returned to you if you forget it somewhere.

I wear my mouth guard when I play hockey but I still brake brackets, what am I doing wrong?
             It is possible that you are wearing the mouth guard incorrectly or you maybe getting hit  in just the right place to knock brackets off.  Please continue wearing the mouth guard to protect your lips and teeth.  Losing brackets may get annoying but it is always better to brake brackets then teeth.  When you do brake a bracket please call our office to get the bracket replaced as soon as possible so that you are not slowing down your progress in your orthodontics.

I went through braces and have straight teeth but what happens if I get hit in the mouth after braces?
              When playing any sport that you could get hit in the mouth you should wear a mouth guard.  If you do get hit in the mouth and your teeth have moved or feel loose put your retainer in as soon as possible.  This retainer will stabilize  teeth so that they will not move in the wrong direction and also prevent the loss of your teeth.  Then you need to see your orthodontist and or your primary dental provider as soon as you can.