Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Time and Straight Teeth

Summer is one of the best times to get starting on teeth straightening.  This time of the year hours or more relaxed and flexible.  Patients are out of school which means you won't be missing school.  We have early morning and lunchtime hours so you won't miss camp or work.

We also have many patients starting invisalign.  They are really enjoying that we don't have to take impressions to make the invisalign anymore.  With our new I-tero scanner patients will have a 3-D model of their teeth in around 10 minutes.  Then those models are set directly to invisalign.  Doctors turn around time on invisalign has never been faster.  Don't have invisalign?  Make an appointment today!

Retention-  Remember to wear your retainer!  If you go for any length of time without wearing your retainer and it is not fitting properly please visit your orthodontist today!  The longer you go without a retainer that fits properly the more likely your teeth will move.  Patients get out of schedule without having daily schedule and vacations and camps and we understand but your teeth do not.  Make sure to bring your retainers with you on trips and make sure that you store them in a case and in a cool or room temperature environment.

Cleaning- Make sure that you clean your retainers when you clean your teeth and remember that we will clean your retainer anytime just call before you come in.

Remember to support Century Orthodontics by wearing your Century Orthodontic T-Shirt when you travel and to bring in or share a photo with us!